Clockless Clock Maze > A Distributed, Turn-Based PVP Game

I’m staring at my Protocol Kit’s Clockless Clock Maze, pen poised above it, thinking, “There must be a better way.” Doing the maze myself seems like a wasted opportunity. Here’s the outline of an alternative :smiley:

  • I have six pens next to me (black, blue, green, red, pink, orange)
  • These colours represent the six players
  • Each player DMs me their start point and the order of play is random generated
  • In the determined sequence, players take their turn and move through the maze
    • A turn = a defined amount of movement and some preferences for direction
    • Players that encounter one another battle and eliminate one another
  • After each round, a pic of the maze state is taken and posted (players don’t peek it; trust protocol)
  • The game ends when [condition(s)] are achieved

First, would anybody like to play? Second, any suggestions for sufficiently simple mechanics to facilitate a distributed, turn-based PVPish game like this?

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Dan and I actually started making a solo VR game out of this maze with another friend but it fell through.

I think this could work but would be annoying on paper.

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Also have a look at the VR app suggested in PIG: Cognitive systems in conversation: an embodied approach to alignment protocols

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