All code is ideology solidified into action Taking some of the content off the blog and moving it to more traditional media outlets, so academics can link to it :wink:

A river that needs crossing political and tech – On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over complexity

All code is ideology solidified into action – most contemporary code is capitalism, this is hardly a surprise if you think about this for a moment. Yes you can try and act on any ideology on top of this code but the outcome and assumptions are preprogramed… cant find any good links on this.

In the era of protocols this is more important than ever, an example text on social technology:

  • The #nostr crew are the children of #web3 mess, they are a bit reformed, let’s see.

  • Then the #BlueSky are the reformed children of the #dotcons (dotcons – Hamish Campbell)

  • The #fediverse with #activertypub is the child of the #openweb

  • #dat is a child of the #geekproblem (geekproblem – Hamish Campbell) if it is reformed or not, maybe you can maybe tell me?

  • #SSB was a wild child, now sickly/lonely with the fashionable kids gathering round #nostr

  • #p2p was the poster child of the era of the #openweb it was caught in the quicksand of legal issues, the shadow that was left was eclipsed by “free to use” #dotcons Now finds it hard to come back due to mobile devices not having an IP address, thus most people not actually able to use p2p reliably.

I would like to have an article published people could link to, have academics wonting to use my blog but find it hard to link to individual voices (this is a problem of #mainstreaming ideas and active #blocking of alt views)


Drawn to these examples, I’m somewhat familiar with #nostr and #p2p and would love to learn more about the others.

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  • ActivityPub is a serendipity native protocol, this is very rear and should be spread with much LOVE
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