ROTW: The Green Protocol

“The Green Protocol channels what I believe is the most powerful and pervasive social transformation of the past fifty years – “the speculation layer” – into a decentralized system of capital formation for social good.”

An older article from ET. Is this vision becoming a reality? Or did it get snuffed out?

Did he actually do this ir was it a whitepaper speculation?

There are many serious non-crypto reforestation, non-deforestation things of course. Like the Leaf coalition as a very large scale effort

And terraformation as a startup effort

At first sight, Ben’s thing seems pure manifesto type effort with no novel technical features. The speculation layer/dopamine analysis is interesting but unclear relevance to the protocol

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Looks like he was just musing. The whole gamify- or marketify- reforestation thing seems like a staple concept among impact entrepreneurs. I graduated with a guy who made an alarm clock that if you hit snooze on you paid for a tree to be planted… Those links you shared are obviously more serious

I think part of Ben’s idea was to allow individuals to enter the speculation layer. Right now it’s a playground for institutions. One person’s green behavior is only rewarded socially (if at all). I don’t see many bona fide “bottom-up” decarbonization protocols… Unless you count like, eat local, ride your bike, go vegan, fly less, etc. but beyond bumper stickers and Instagram bios, those aren’t tokenized