Pill: private parts- presentation & zine

I got pretty interested in this topic (digital privacy) when I worked at Zcash (privacy focused crypto currency). What surprised me is how little people understand 1) different types of privacy (there’s like seven!) as well as the history of privacy or how privacy as a social and legal construct has evolved over time and in different cultures.

  • “I am” → “I have” orientation: this pill would take someone from a state of feeling trapped, hopeless, frustrated, ambivalent to curious about the concept of privacy itself (anonymity, confidentiality, selective disclosure, consent, etc etc)

  • Attitude Elixir - there are steps you can take to better manage your information online. List item

. “Digital Privacy” is a hot button topic, but I don’t think we’ll see any meaningful advancements on it if people don’t first evaluate/ understand the layers behind “analogue privacy.”

  • deliverables here could be a workshop at EdgeEsmeralda, a zine that folks can print out/ share, and or a mini video series.

What can we learn from anonymous message boards - 15 min presentation I did in 2020, related to privacy


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