PILL: Al1ce - Seed Phrase Poetry

Al1ce is an art project emphasizing privacy and autonomy in decentralized networks. Inspired by ritual protocols, asymmetric cryptography and conceptual art, it comprises a combination of a series of publicly available generative NFTs and a series of corresponding concealed wallets holding the other part of the artworks. Each NFT showcases a shuffled visual poem derived from the wallet’s seed phrase. The complete poem can be obtained by minting a piece, that is revealing the correct word order which is the key for the corresponding wallet, holding the private component of the artwork that can be accessed only by the minter.


This is a visual explanation of how the concept would be sorted out. Thinking about the hidden artworks in the wallets, they could be

a) short fictional conversation between alice and bob, with the aid of llms or
b) conceptual tarot cards, with a divination based on the seed phrase

See here an example of my recent generative, visual poetry experiment to get a glimpse on possible aesthetics: L-Poem — fxhash

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It looks like a online treasure hunt. Looks interesting.

Also might seems irelevant, but I am wondering if we input the seed phrase to ChatGPT and ask gpt to do some improvisations about it, what will it look like ?

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great Idea & thanks for the feedback!

indeed, had some similar thoughts for the dialogue between Alice and Bob, their conversation would be generated by an LLM, asking it to include references to the seed phrase in their talk.

this way it can bring up an interesting impression in the reader, when they try to find and discover these (semantically hidden) references…