PILL: A virtual universe of a dream controller

Form is emptiness; emptiness is form .

Appearance is divided into two types, real appearance and virtual appearance. The physical world is a phase, and dreams without real objects are also a phase. Dream control is an ability that I had no intention of mastering. After entering this field, I began to study religion, technology and metaphysics. There are many interesting stories among them. For example, how an AI product designer weaves a beautiful dream for his users.

This will be a story that I absolutely like, about love, virtual reality, and Grief and Morally Slippery Technology.If you have seen the movie “Her”, you will definitely like this story. I can give you a spoiler, but the ending of this story is: virtuality, in order to return to a better reality.


Are you a Buddhist? I like the end of this story~

How to control dreams, it sounds amazing