[PIG] Manas:Digital Immortality and AIGC Model development protocol

Manas: Digital Immortality Development Protocol

Team Numbers:
Ashley, Alex

Short summary of your improvement idea
As an AI startup founder who focuses on affective computing and personification models. I began to realize the importance of constraints and data validation for the AIGC model. Especially last year, we resurrected a deceased person through personality modeling, voice cloning, image generation, and large language model technology. Digital immortality is no longer far away from us.

The two major directions of AGI are the world model and the personality model. This protocol will focus on how to develop personality models through AI tools and the social discussions it may bring. Our deliverables include a user-friendly, secure, and encrypted development kit. and a social observation paper on personality models.

What is the existing target protocol you are hoping to improve or enhance?
Most AI models want to build a world model. But it’s not safe and fair. So we propose a personality model. It aims to explore another possibility of AGI and allow ordinary people to capture the value of AIGC technology development.

At present, AIGC model training is based on user data, but the beneficiaries are large model companies, and individual users cannot obtain the corresponding labor value. On top of the world model, we propose a personal model to model each person’s personality and knowledge base, and the individual obtains the economic value brought by the model. We will introduce detailed technical solutions and look forward to discussing the resulting social and cultural issues in subsequent research. For example: Do digital lives have human rights? How should its economic value be distributed? The possibility of digital life as digital heritage?

What is the core idea or insight about potential improvement you want to pursue?
Through the personality model, individual users can enjoy the dividends of AIGC technology development instead of having their jobs and living space taken away by AI.

Discovery methodology for investigating the current state of the target protocol?
Technical part: We mainly carry out the technical implementation framework of digital immortality through expert interviews and literature review to build a set of feasible technical solutions.
Social part: We mainly conduct field surveys to observe the views and demands of people from different cultural backgrounds on digital immortality.

In what form will you prototype your improvement idea?
A/B test of ideas with a test audience and prototype software.

How will you field-test your improvement idea?
We will carry out workshops in many countries and regions around the world to teach users how to use the kit to build their own digital life and solicit their opinions on digital life.

Who will be able to judge the quality of your output?
AI experts: AI technology experts from universities or industries can evaluate the feasibility of Manas’ technical solutions.
Sociologists: Sociologists can evaluate the social and ethical feasibility of the Manas Agreement.
Individuals from different regions: As end users of the Manas protocol, the evaluation of the Manas protocol by individuals from different regions helps it become a global standard protocol.

How will you publish and evangelize your improvement idea?
We will roduce and release a software development kit for users to build their own personality model. Besides, At the same time, we plan to publish papers in international journals to trigger further discussions among more technical experts and sociologists.

What is the success vision for your idea?
To trigger in-depth research on AI digital immortality and personality model in AI experts, it is necessary to ensure that this is beneficial to human security and development. At the same time, it allows the public to understand the technological development in this field and triggers more social discussion and attention.


Digital immortality, sounds like a fiction. It would be really cool of it could happen!


I’m particularly intrigued by how cultural perspectives will shape the protocols and the conversation about digital immortality. It’s an ambitious project that could lead to more profound questions about identity and existence in the digital age.


This work spend our one year to finish. We think the core of AIGC technology is Love. Personality is a lovely and fair way. Hope you like our work.


We design and develop a kit to achieve it. Keep your eyes on me, plz~

Thanks for your kind reply~

Fantastic idea, AIGC impersonation

Thanks for your reply~

Amazing idea! I look forward to and dread of the advent of digital immortality. Hope to see you more of your research on social acceptance.

Thanks for the suggestion, this work is on our to-do list!

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Do you need partner with this project?

I’m curious what technology you used to achieve this? Can you introduce it in detail?