Lavender: Coordinating Digital Nomads for the Multi-Polar Future

It is also a bit like: [PIG] RFC: Spacetime Metaprotocols, p2p sensemaking tools for co-creators of place and time - #11 by bshambaugh due to
previous focus on swarmLinda: and early focus on makerspaces A Distributed Economy: Photos of Ohm Space HackerSpace/MakerSpace and Master 14, a very rough version of the Peer-to-Peer Economy Proposal

Maybe you would like to show up to my Discord group?EISPP / Peer Production , or without going there for info see: January 17 2024 Kickoff: · bshambaugh/eispp · Discussion #26 · GitHub .
If not, I’m trying to show up for dweb, so maybe we can catch up there.

This is my very abbreviated PIG. IMHO, it doesn’t say much.