Protocolized Superheroes


Who’s the most protocolized superhero?

Also if someone had super protocol powers… what would that look like?

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What does it mean to be protocolized? That the superhero follows a specific set of rules?

And yet, the character breakthroughs and plot twists tend to come from a character breaking from their previously adopted protocols!

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I’m thinking along the lines of what superhero’s powers or abilities are most reproducible, or maybe most situation-dependent. Good point about the twists being protocol breaks!

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Some superhero-protocol thoughts, none of which really answers your question:

Batman has rules and in some way is all about the rules, he represents the order of law compared to the Joker’s ontological anarchism. It’s essential to the character.

The Endless in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series (more gods than superheros) are also always going on about the rules they must follow. There are elaborate protocols for when one of them dies.

In another direction, Alan Moore’s Top Ten series depicts a world where everybody has a superpower of one kind or another (I think there’s a current TV show around the same lines). In these stories, superpowers have been protocolized in the sense of being made routine, when you fill out your tax forms or job application, its name/address/superpower.

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I think protocols are what turn ordinary people into exceptional ones, eg astronauts.

So you want the superhero with no special powers or radioactive spider shit going on.

Batman is human but a billionaire. Same with Iron Man.

Captain America has a drug protocol superpowers rather than radioactive spider type accident so kinda protocol.

Maybe black widow and Hawkeye? Bureaucratic superheroes.

None that operate by protocol though.

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Maybe Captain Planet?

Invoked by protocol: Is called into action following the ring protocol after other options are exhausted.

Has a purpose: He cleans pollution.

Has boundaries: Disappears without further human drama.