1:1 Office Hours for Application Feedback (CLOSED)

Hi Venkat, Tim, and SoP team,

We would love to get some feedback on our PIG RFC:

We have the following questions:

  • Is our proposal specific enough, or on the contrary too abstract? We based the current proposal on Venkat’s opening talk for SoP24, where he indicated that you are trying to address the broadest protocols possible and not more narrow proposals.
  • Our title may be too generic, but the body is specific on human conversation (not interaction or request/response) with TradAI (LLMs, Social Media, recommendation engines). Any suggestion on how to fix it, if needed?
  • Is it clear what protocol we want to improve and how we plan to do that?
  • Any other feedback on our proposal’s content and/or format?
  • What else do we need to do to evolve our current RFC proposal into an actual application (if anything other than take comments on board and evolve the RFC based on comments received)

Thank you in advance for your time and feedback


Petervan and TJ,